Novelist, entrepreneur, communications professional with close to two decades of experience, recreational athlete, sports tragic, amateur astronomer. Currently in the midst of a career shift from marketing to tech, and embarking on my Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

You can find a detailed breakdown of my professional work on my LinkedIn here . I started blogging again over here. My early landscape photography work can be seen here and here. My astrophotography is still in its nascent stages.

I am constantly learning new skills. I am a fairly decent all-round athlete. I am a terrible musician.


Both my academic and professional backgrounds are diverse, some would argue eccentric. This is mostly by design, but I've been very lucky too in my career.

  • Write: Novels, web site copy, coffee table books, marketing literature, scripts for social, TV and film
  • Strategize: Brand positioning, communication strategy, go-to-market readiness
  • Build: Start-ups, websites (HTML/CSS/Wordpress), teams
  • Lead: People, teams and creative projects
  • Make: Characters, worlds, films, and stories
  • Teach: Young writers, young readers, young creatives
  • Produce: Landscape and astrophotography, videos for social

  • Visualize: Wire-framing, storyboarding, brand visual identity, data
  • Deploy: Web applications using JavaScript and React, and Django
  • Automate: Repetetive productivity tasks using Python

  • PRODUCTIVITY: MS Office, LibreOffice, G-suite, Trello, Slack
  • CREATIVITY: Adobe Premiere, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, XD, Audacity, Story Boarder, Da Vinci Resolve, Nikon cameras and lens
  • MARKETING INTELLIGENCE: Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Insights, Social Sprout, Social Bakers, etc.,
  • CODE: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python
  • IDEs: Visual Studio Code, PyCharm Edu
  • PLATFORMS: Windows, Linux (Debian-based), Android

A Few Accomplishments

First Utterance, Theena

Wrote an award-winning novel

My self-published debut novel, First Utterance (2016), was a critical and commercial success, winning Sri Lanka’s prestigious Fairway National Literary Award for Best English Novel. The sequel is set to release in end 2022. I co-founded a publishing company, Miragian Studios to release the book. The publishing company, incidentally, won Best Publisher the same year.

The Last Word, Sri Lanka

Co-founded Sri Lanka's pioneering Digital Agency

Founded Sri Lanka’s first agency focused on making fresh, topical, and useful content for brands and their audiences. The Last Word launched two in-house content hubs – Blerd and Kaema Katha – where I served multiple roles, including heading client strategy, serving as editor-in-chief to the culture magazine, and cutting videos for our social channels.

Adopted a Princess

My wife and I adopted a dog from the streets of Sri Lanka about two years ago. Wifey named her Allison - turns out to be an apt name for a princess in disguise - who is now in the US, charming complete strangers to do her every bidding.

Contact Me

I am open for collaboration and/or commissioning for the following areas of work: mass communications strategy, branding, web development, story-telling initiatives.

Since I am embarking on my Masters degree, I am not really looking for full-time work; however, if you think I make a good fit for your organization and team, and you believe I'd be interested in what you have to say, hit me up. Let's talk.